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TeamSpeak 3 Client Final 3.0.8

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1439
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Client Final 3.0.8

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • Added support for SRV records when resolving domain names. Format for a SRV record for a TS3 server is: " TTL IN SRV priority weight port target" It is also possible to add a SRV record for a TSDNS server for a domain, the format for this is: " TTL IN SRV priority weight port target" The priority when resolving is: (1) _ts3 SRV record, (2) _tsdns SRV record, (3) TSDNS, (4) DNS
  • Added local server banner via filetransfer.
  • Added showing the chat line limit and its typed chars.
  • Added check of containing files before deleting a channel.
  • Added after assigning a hotkey the lockable key like NUM_LOCK etc. will be switched back to its previous state.
  • Added notification channel deleted/edited "by the server". Please note the two added keys CHANNEL_DELETED_BY_SERVER and CHANNEL_EDITED_OTHER_BY_SERVER in settings.ini. Addon Sound Packs can add them too.
  • Added custom "block receiving whisper" button for toolbar.
  • Added activate/deactivate/toggle hotkeys to block receiving whispers.
  • Mac OS X: Added Apple Developer ID certificate for gatekeeper in upcoming Mountain Lion release.
  • Fixed "RenderDeviceContext" logging on Windows.
  • Overhauled Delete Avatar mechanism to trigger more reliable when avatar was deleted by another user.
  • Some typo fixes in English and German texts.
  • Fixed voice test no longer ignores "vad over ptt".
  • Fixed strange behavior when hammering PTT during voice test.
  • Fixed changing enable/disable delayPTT and its delay value during voice test.
  • Fixed using "Keyboard & Mouse" hotkey system with Synergy.
  • Fixed chat line issue when opening menu e.g. via ALT+S.
  • Fixed an issue with the filetransfer slots could get over the maximum of 10.
  • Fixed crash when parsing a corrupt urls.dat (thanks to torzsi for the file). Please note: urls.dat is now called caught_urls.dat and because it got a new internal format, the old one will be deleted after convertion.
  • Fixed displaying wrong default channel group in channelgroup permissions.
  • Fixed a memory leak, which could increase memory usage drastically when running the client for a very long time.
  • Fixed filter clear button in server/client logviews, cleaned up layouts.
  • Fixed chat line edit char counter which now counts also unicode characters, so the displayed characters can be different from the counter.
  • Clients can now be dragged from chat log.
  • Enable drag&drop from "List All Clients" again. Drag applies to the selected client.
  • Save last sorting of "List All Clients" list. Apply sorting whenever new clients arrive after clicking the "More" button. Nicknames are now sorted case-insensitive.
  • Show invoker if client description was edited by another client.
  • Support bbCode in ts3plugin_infoData text
  • Package installer only autoactivates styles if a qss file is present.
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