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TeamSpeak 3 Server RC1

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1381
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Server RC1

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • server uses now 10 database connections (sqlite and mysql)
  • dded new parameter "dbconnections" for defining max database connections to use (1-100) default is 10
  • added new parameter "disable_db_logging" which turns off logging to database (logview commands wont work anymore)
  • mysql users, please alter your table channel_properties and extend the "value varchar(255)" field to varchar(8192)
  • mysql users, please alter your table bans and extend the "ban_name varchar(255)" field to varchar(2048)
  • channel permissions got their own needed/power permissions instead of using the group labeled ones
  • i_group_auto_update_type values changed
  • renamed i_client_modify_power > i_client_permission_modify_power
    i_client_needed_modify_power > i_client_needed_permission_modify_power
    i_client_max_clones > i_client_max_clones_uid
  • Fixed a bug that could be triggered remotely and would cause the server to shut down with a critical message in the log file.
  • added the TSDNS server to the server installer. Read the documentation in the "tsdns" subfolder for details
  • added permissions i_channel_delete_power, i_channel_needed_delete_power i_channel_permission_modify_power, i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power
  • added permission i_group_auto_update_max_value
  • added permissions i_client_needed_whisper_power and i_client_whisper_power that determine who can whisper to whom
  • Added total bytes transfered by filetransfer to serverinfo, hostinfo and server connectioninfo
  • improved permission add/delete performance
  • channelgroupaddperm, channelgroupdelperm, servergroupaddperm, servergroupdelperm added optional parameter "continueonerror"
  • uploading and deleting of icons will be logged if filetransfer log is enabled
  • added some indexes for speedup lookups regarding servers.server_port and messages.message_flag_read
  • added permission b_virtualserver_change_template
  • serveredit and serverinfo command can be used with use 0 to modify and display virtualserver template values (serverinfo display is different from normal output!)
  • added server property VIRTUALSERVER_HOSTBANNER_MODE:
  • fixed bogus mysql create script for channel_properties
  • default groups cant be permanent anymore
  • removing double group assignements on server start
  • fixed problem where multi-line client descriptions where stored in database
  • fixed query gave out wrong error messages
  • fixed permreset did not remove icon_id assignments
  • fixed double assigned permissions where deleted completly
  • fixed channelmove / channelcreate not checking b_channel_create_child and i_channel_needed_modify_power
  • fixed sql parameter errors while inserting defaults.sql
  • fixed not removing privilege key on channel deletion
  • fixed snapshotdeploy would fail on virtualserver_max_slots / virtualserver_limit reached
  • fixed not checking notifyregister / notifyunregister permissions
  • fixed server critical while using notifyregister=server and multiple queries dropping at the same time
  • fixed set channelgroup did not include channel name info in server log
  • fixed create subchannel did not include parent channel info in server log
  • fixed issue mac osx server uses 100% cpu
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