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TeamSpeak 3 Server Beta 17

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1191
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Server Beta 17

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • fixed possible crash while deleting subchannels
  • clientlist option -VOICE added CLIENT_IS_PRIORITY_SPEAKER property
  • fixed issue where query could start an stopped virtualserver while instance terminating
  • fixed channel_flag_password was not set automatically while creating a new channel over query
  • fixed strange behavior while changing b_group_is_permanent permission value
  • fixed licensing issue with max slots below 32
  • query_ip_whitelist.txt removed out of package and is created if not available
  • fixed PERMISSION_b_client_channel_textmessage_send not working properly
  • fixed ghosting channel bug with certain default sub channel setups
  • fixed critical after editing an perm/semi channel to an temp
  • fixed unclear local accounting error messages
  • fixed query bug which resulted in "invalid socketID" errors
  • added custominfo command (check docu for details)
  • added permissions PERMISSION_b_client_custom_info_view
  • added permidgetbyname command (check docu for details)
  • added b_virtualserver_permission_reset
  • added command permreset (check docu for details)
  • added b_permission_modify_power_ignore permission, allows to add/delete permissions without having the needed grant values
  • added command line parameter dblogkeepdays (default 90) defines how many days to keep database log entries (triggered on every start and while running every day)
  • added command line parameter dbclientkeepdays (default 30) removes all clients which had not connected the x days and dont got an servergroup assigned (triggered on every start and while running every day)
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