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TeamSpeak 3 Client Beta 37

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1343
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Client Beta 37

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • Plugin API version increased to 9. Added possibility to use return codes with plugins to associate server errors with ts3 function calls from individual plugins. See the test plugin for implementation details.
  • Soundpack creators take note, the ${clientType} variable now expands to "blocked_user" instead of "foe" for consistency reasons.
  • The maximum amount of simultaneous tranfers is now 10 (5 upload/5 download).
  • Added function requestInfoUpdate to plugin API to allow plugins to request updating the info area of the specified item if this is the currently displayed item in the info area.
  • Added option "Enable Voice Activation Detection while using Push-To-Talk"
  • Added "Quota" tab to client connection info dialog to display monthly filetransfer quota statistics.
  • Added that clients can be added via unique-/database id and dropped from server tree or contacts into permissions -> channel groups -> clients.
  • Added "Whisper lists" button to whisper options as alternative way to open the whisper lists dialog.
  • Channel descriptions can now be formatted using the BB-Code [LIST] tag. Also supported is [LIST=x] where x is one of "1, i, I, a, A".
  • Add search field to servergroups permissions window.
  • Added "Skip" and "SkipAll" for filetransfers
  • Filebrowser shows current available dirs and files
  • Added "Delete client" to contextmenu in "All clients" dialog for deleting offline clients directlry from the clients database list.
  • Added dialog with a "Don't show again" checkbox when entering a moderated channel to inform the user how to request talk power.
  • Added links to add-ons webpage to multiple places in the client.
  • Hotkeys now have an own config named hotkeys.ini. Existing hotkeys will be extracted to the new config file at client startup and only accessed there. This makes it easier to share hotkey configurations.
  • All contacs have been extracted to own config named contacts.ini
  • Added a message popup when server update is available but server hasn't been updated for at least seven days.
  • Added information dialog when warn-when-muted sound is played for the first time telling the user what this sound means and give him a chance to disable the feature.
  • Changed hotkey to focus channel widget from Shift-Backspace to Alt-Return.
  • Permission overview contextmenu item is now dependant on either b_client_permissionoverview_own or b_client_permissionoverview_view for own client and b_client_permissionoverview_view for other clients.
  • Permission overview now shows grant permission in a new column of the corresponding permission instead of an own line.
  • The search field in the "All clients" dialog now searches directly on the server instead of the local results. So no need to hit "More" multiple times until all clients are received before searching anymore.
  • When uploading/downloading an existing file, the dialog shows filesize and file creationdate.
  • Permission filter text and state of the granted-only checkbox are now saved and restored per permission tab.
  • Changed behavior of clicking a ts3server:// link including "addbookmark". Now choose between "Do nothing", "Bookmark only" and "Bookmark and Connect".
  • New more detailed soundpack entries for server/channelgroup assigned actions.
  • Permissions tree now displays group icon and the show-group-name permission as icon and text instead of the raw permission value.
  • When kicked or banned from the server, only one or neither sound file will be played, depending on which notification is activated.
  • Behaviour of glance button changed: Now toggles between "Subscribe to all channels" and "Subscribe to current and previously subscribed channels" option. Current channel subscribe state is saved to disc and restored next client restart. If "Subscribe to all channels" is selected, newly created channels are automatically subscribed.
  • The Hotkey "Bring Client to Front" will no longer minimize a full screen game
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • Fixed chat logging when multiple servertabs are trying to log into the same logfile.
  • When forcing to start a second client with "-nosingleinstance", the second instance will log chats to avoid having multiple clients write to the same file producing invalid HTML.
  • Fixed dropping files to upload on filebrowsers tool buttons. Dropping there is not available from the outside like desktop, explorer etc. Inside the filebrowser, items can still be dropped to root or the according levels up.
  • When adding a user twice to a server group, don't open the buddy-invite dialog occuring when a client is unknown on this server.
  • Reload server/channelgroups when b_serverinstance_modify_templates or b_serverinstance_modify_querygroup have changed.
  • Whisper lists in whisper dialog can now be changed using cursor keys.
  • Fixed source file being deleted from view when drag&drop operation in filebrowser failed.
  • Overhauled layout of offline messages dialogs, added Ctrl+N and Ctrl+R keyboard shortcuts for "New" and "Reply" actions.
  • Fixed filetransfer playing error sound twice if file not found
  • Fixed filetransfer request to overwrite/resume/abort files
  • Fixed date/time format in filebrowser, urlcatcher, clientdebuglog and client log, which wasn't system dependent
  • Remove write-only file property before deleting local avatar to avoid the "Failed to remove existing local avatar copy" error message.
  • Fixed filetransfer progressbar display on windows when using classic theme
  • Fixed playing filetransfer complete sound once per download
  • Removed option "Only play sound when all of my transfers have been completed"
  • Fixed assertion when editing a channel or channelclient permission and channels were created, moved or deleted.
  • Fix the "warn when talking while muted" function: It should now only occure if you have only a mic mute set - and it works with Push-To-Talk now.
  • Fixed sorting in filebrowser, alphabetic order wasn't always respected
  • Fixed pasting files or folders containg "=" in name from filebrowser
  • Fixed crash when transferring files simultaneous
  • Fixed starting updater located in a directory with unicode characters
  • Fixed resetting filebrowsers window state when refreshing directory
  • Fixed filebrowser could throw "database empty result set" when transferring recursive and by that end up in a broken/invalid paths.
  • Fixed format options were taken over to other tabs.
  • Fixed an issue, when clicking invitation but starting TeamSpeak for the first time.
  • Fixed "Server groups dialog" menuitem in client contextmenu being enabled on hotkey even if the client lacks i_group_member_add_power.
  • Added Save/Discard/Abort dialog to bookmarks manager when closing the dialog while bookmarks are modified.
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