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TeamSpeak 3 Client Beta 22

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1205
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Client Beta 22

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • Server and channel groups in permission dialog are now sorted by group_id.
  • Fixed nickname and identityname in statusbar, if both are visible at the same time and both contain html-tags.
  • Nickname label in connection info will only show plain text
  • Fixed Delete shortcut in permission groups list
  • Removed ServerQuery group type when adding channel groups
  • Strip html-tags from server/channel group names
  • Fixed linux drag and drop in whisper dialog
  • Check invalid server password error on connect and offer user a dialog to enter a new password
  • Disable standard codec slider when all codec/quality/latency sliders are also disabled
  • Support for new channel description view power permissions
  • Offline messages do now reply more like e-mails
  • Fixed mirror selection of updater
  • Typo and text corrections, updated German translation
  • Fixed use of current identity name in statusbar. If an identiy was removed but still used inside a bookmark, the old instead of default name was shown.
  • Fixed channel edit trying to change codec or latency when those were reduced due to permissions.
  • Enabled dialog to ask for joining the servers default channel when maximum of "max family clients" is reached.
  • No longer playing away notification when joining a server as "away".
  • Client was able to send an offline message to server.
  • Fixed G15 plugin which did not detect connections properly.
  • It is no longer possible to paste newlines into server/channel groups.
  • The identity name now has the same length limitation as a nickanme.
  • Fix bug in filetransfer where after a failed transfer a 0 byte file would remain on the receiver end
  • Mac: Fix issue that resulted in an outdated version of our updater being used
  • Linux: start scripts should now handle when they are executed from a different location than in the client installation path
  • When using globally away on a server tab, new clients will join and set their status also to away afterwards.
  • Added context menu to copy client uids to clipboard when listing all clients.
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