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TeamSpeak 3 Client Beta 18

in Teamspeak 3
  • Schriftgröße: Größer Kleiner
  • Aufrufe: 1218
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Die aktuelle Changelog des Teamspeak 3 Client Beta 18

Bedeutungen der Symbole

  • = Neue Funktion oder spürbare Verbesserung
  • = Bug wurde beseitigt oder etwas wurde entfernt
  • = Geändert oder Information
  • = Wichtig - Beachten!


  • Qt version updated to 4.6.2. Stylesheets might need to be checked for compatibility issues. Translators should update to Linguist from Qt 4.6.2. Plugin authors using Qt need to recompile their plugins with Qt 4.6.2.
  • Support for Jaws screen reader. Feedback on this and accessibility support in general would be appreciated.
  • Added support to fetch images from ftp servers. It can be anonymous (if the server supports it) and login users as well. Use the ftp- syntax e.g. "ftp://your.server/image.png" or "ftp://gfx:[email protected]/image.png". Be aware that the login part of URLs might is visible if someone opens the virtual server edit dialog.
  • Added new hotkey "Disconnect from all servers"
  • Showing avarage transfer speed and runtime at the end of transfer.
  • Added new download option "Only play sound when all transfers are ready"
  • Ongoing filetransfers can be saved before quit and also resumed after reconnect to the server. A messagebox will appear to ask for decision.
  • Fixed hotkey "Connect to Server (current tab)". Now it only blocks reconnects and no longer connects to other servers on current tab.
  • Filetransfer got many bugfixes and improvements.
  • Use Return or Enter key as shortcut to switch into selected channel (should be easier for people using screenreaders)
  • Added update countdown in server info on the right
  • Added delay to reload/older/newer buttons in serverlog to avoid blocking the server with log request spam.
  • Renamed User volume modifier dialog restore button
  • Added list of all clients on the current server, see Permissions menu. Clients can be dragged into the servergroups client list (even if offline).
  • Print standard permission error message when failing file rename or delete
  • Added new edit field in virtual server dialog to set an URL for the hoster button icon. If unset, the default icon is used.
  • Changed "Edit Virtual Server" shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+S as the old shortcut interfered with entering the Euro sign.
  • Drag&drop clients to servergroups disabled for default groups or when client already exists.
  • Use Delete key to delete selected permission group or client (depending on which widget has focus).
  • Automatically select added permission groups for convinience.
  • Moved some hardcoded stylesheets out to default.qss. Added default_linux.qss
  • Update visible clients in tree when group icons have changed instead of waiting until the tree updates on mouse movement.
  • Channel groups per client dialog can now display channel groups of offline clients. Added "Display Channel Groups of Client" to Permissions menu in addition of the existing client contextmenu (just opening on "empty" client instead of the selected one).
  • Print some more meaningful message after using a token.
  • Updated German translation.
  • Added hostname, IP and port fields to server connectioninfo dialog.
  • Added copy buttons to server and client connectioninfo, replacing the old somewhat hidden contextmenu.
  • Save and restore size of new channelgroup dialogs
  • Exported ts3Functions.startVoiceRecording and ts3Functions.stopVoiceRecording to plugins. Plugin API version increased to 4, bundled plugins upgraded.
  • Upload of remote icons is now queued, so it's possible to upload a whole directory of icons in one step.
  • Updated default TTS soundpack, adding ${servername} to more entries
  • Added to plugin SDK: onCustomCaptureDeviceCloseEvent, onCustomPlaybackDeviceCloseEvent, onFMODChannelCreatedEvent
  • Adjust toolbar buttons on the fly when switching servers or current item.
  • Properly handle whitespaces in ts3server channel names, e.g.: ts3server:// Is A Channel With Spaces
  • Sort servergroups in contextmenu dialog in the same order as in the servergroups permissions widget (by ID).
  • Overhauled Setup Wizard texts.
  • Added link to video tutorials webpage in Help menu
  • Server icons dialog remembers and restores its size.
  • Client checks new PERMISSION_b_client_modify_own_description to allow changing the own description only.
  • Added "All files" to identity export dialog, enforce .ini suffix for exported identities
  • Fixed message indicator when client rejoins chat
  • Fixed overwriting recursive uploads caused crash
  • Fixed possible crash when disconnecting from server with banner
  • Fixed to poke dialog which would in some situations not be properly updated.
  • Fixed downloads from a link which always used the first matching tab. Could lead to a dead end when tab had no permission while the actual tab did.
  • Fixed filetransfer asking for password, when downloading from a link.
  • Updater: Start runscript on Linux when update finished. Make Linux 64-bit binary executable after download.
  • Fixed crash when running the setup wizard while current servertab has no valid capture device.
  • Fixed appearance of expiration, when reason is missing in banlist.
  • Fixed possible crash when closing the client with multiple servertabs open.
  • Fixed that two different PTT activate on same hotkey profile
  • The hotkey combination warning message was cut off when html- tag was used.
  • Fixed filetransfer speed label flickering
  • Fix: Clients can now be dropped to servergroup from all server tabs with same unique identifier, but no longer from different servers as before.
  • Fixed linebreaks in server hostmessage
  • Fixed broken linebreaks in channel description
  • Fixed memleak caused by appscanner
  • "Display Channel Groups" action in client contextmenu is disabled when b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list is missing.
  • Fixed that an offline ban is no longer bypassed by a simple rename
  • No more "database empty result set" when listing channelgroups of client but the client is not a member of any channelgroup
  • Fixed server chat was being blocked by contacts list.
  • Fixed accidently broken expand/collapse subchannels in channel contextmenu.
  • Fixed Umlaut in clientinfo_de.tpl
  • Restore custom server icon on chat tab when switching between servers.
  • Fixed client templates after deleting server groups.
  • Fixed servergroup dialog items not (de)activating properly when changing a group or someone else changed your groups.
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